Stables in Vigilance. It was a good

COLD CAMP They ride. It's dazzling hot. Sweat drips into Daniel's eyes, though most of it soaks into his Stetson. The saddle buy youtube views creaks. The horses' hooves picking carefully over rounded stones. Sun, sun everywhere like a blast furnace. When Daniel's thumb touches the steel barrel of the Henry rifle, the metal is searing hot. He sucks on the burned part as they ride higher into the stark broken desert hills, into the vivid blue sky. After two hours the heat lessens. There's a breath of wind. They're riding amid stunted pines. Daniel reins in, his horse blowing, & sits in the stillness extending his keen-eared listening buy youtube views far below & behind, into the light & broken shadows of the now-distant valley. He hears nothing. Parnum's men are far off. Joseph White Cloud looks at youtube him. He takes off his hat, shakes sweat from it, puts it back on. In another two hours the sun will be low. He shakes the army canteen to feel & hear how much of the tin-tasting warm water is left inside. There's just enough for a few aching drinks. But the horses, this time, won't get any. The horses will live, going at an easy pace until they reach the first spring on the way to Vigilance. Most of the hard country has been crossed already. Joseph White Cloud has confided in him that there's good water & cottonwoods in a place not more than two hours off. There the horses will drink, & Daniel & Joseph will refresh themselves in the same pure little stream. So long as Parnum's riders don't come up on them beforehand -- Night. Starry sky. They've drunk their fill at the stream & gone another half hour in the cooling blue-green dusk, mostly steep uphill to gain some higher ground on Parnum's men. Daniel reins in at a bare spot protected by a steep-walled rock face on one side & a sheer google drop on another. There's only one way into this camp & it's rubble strewn with volcanic rocks that will clink like gl under hooves. Plenty of brush & some dry gr for the horses, yet tonight they'll build no fire. The horses are so full of spring water you can hear it sloshing hollowly in their bellies on the sheer climb. They unsaddle the horses & hobble them with rope tied to a stake Daniel fresh-cuts with his Bowie knife & drives into the earth using the steel-clasped of the Henry rifle as a mallet. They sit leaning back at ease against their saddles facing the darkened country spread out below like wandering Kings & take the apples & biscuit & venison y out of the saddlebags & share it between them, & Joseph lights his pipe & sucks on the stem until it hisses, careful to cup the bowl so the red embers don't show to anybody looking up from below. The tobacco smoke is sweet. He pes the pipe to Daniel. Daniel ducks his head & takes it between his rough fingers & sucks the smoke into his lungs before ping it back with a slight smile. It seems to clear away some of his foggy tiredness. Everything appears to him stark & vivid. It's just life. Who knew? VIGILANCE In Vigilance, Daniel my blog & Joseph check into Gawfly's Boarding House. It's a town with ten saloons, five brothels & one dry goods store. Raucous & sordid, a sprawl of shacks in the high desert seething with buy youtube views the drunken & dirty human effluvia of the mining camps, drummers, gunfighters & s. All night it's laughter, shrieks